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Gig or Freelance economy can be defined as a remote work engagement. On one side there is a service seeker, a consumer with a work demand, and on the other side, a service provider, a gig worker who offers his/her service.

Gig/Freelance workers get hired by service seekers via tech-enabled platforms on a short-term basis. Gig workers include self-employed, freelancers, independent contributors, and part-time workers. Typically used by musicians, the term ‘gig’ means a job that lasts a specified period. A shift from a full-time 9-5 job to the task-based, on-demand, freelance economy is what GIG is all about.

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Gig economy is booming. The demand for gig workers is rapidly increasing. 41% of college grads plan to find a gig job before they land a full-time job. Tech-enabled platforms give you the flexibility to get your gig work. Online marketplaces makes sure there is no shortage of job opportunities. Gig economy is less intense compare to 9-5 workforce meaning there is usually a low barrier to entry. There is no cap on earning potential making gig work an extremely lucrative option. Gigs offer flexibility which means, you remain in complete control of your own time. Gig teaches you useful skills including marketable skills which can be beneficial for your professional career.

2Coms acts as a mediator between companies looking for gig workers and gig workforce. 2Coms has a reglar work in Digital, Development,HR, Marketing, Sales.

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A study showed, by 2020 gig workers will comprise half of the workforce and as much as 80% by 2030. Gig economy allows you not to waste your time on training people for short terms. Along with the easy extension of your team, you also get your team to focus on what they know best. Gig / Freelance economy save your overhead and fixed cost for skills. As you hire Skill on demand people, it lowers the attrition between projects.

2Coms offers a plethora of advantages for its On-Demand Gig Workforce. We monitor the gig workers and ensure productive time utilization, and billed for only productivity. Our single window approach brings in productivity tools, no procurement hassle, and no reimbursement cots. No licensing is an added feature to benefit from the collaboration suite. Timesheet and timesheet approvals are ensured to make sure your service remains hassle-free. Pay per hour or pay per week or month as per your need without attracting HR cost per person.

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‘Dependable’ Gigforce by 2Coms

2Coms has a regular work in Digital, Development,HR, Marketing and Sales. With a team of 3500+ employees, we offer a wide variety of services, connecting more than 4000 professionals. Specialized in IT Staff Augmentation & Contingency Staffing fulfillment, we have a dedicated team of recruiters who are engaged in supporting esteemed customers in finding the right talent for you. We select candidates amongst the dependable pool. 2Coms job pipeline is from Skills in Digital, Development, Human Resource, Marketing, Online & Offline Sales and Automation.Most importantly, we have a strong client base, and benefit to associate with quality projects.

The speed at which the global workforce is changing is mind-boggling. To succeed you have to adapt quickly and we’re here to help you with that.

Why 2Coms


We help you locate the right & dependable talent and ensure you have someone on the Job when you need.

We curate and ensure the person we deploy who is genuinely interested to work and can meet commitment. However, we also continue to build regular pool of people with similar skills to ensure you can have alternative backup options for such resources when required.

We aren’t a marketplace. Hence we are more client-focused. We provide services to clients when required.

You know your domain better. We provide ‘Dependability. However, we do provide “Completely Managed Services” for some skills. You can Talk to Us to know more about it.

Yes. GIGFORCE partners with you on each assignment to co-manage areas to ensure dependability.

We charge per hour / per day rate for skill.